"It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum... and I'm all outta gum." – Duke Nukem

When it comes to video game localization, kicking ass is what I do best—but I also provide translation services for other text types.

Here are some numbers to give you an impression of my experience and expertise (everyone loves numbers, am I right?).

video games

Video games

My main squeeze, the love of my life, the yin to my yang: video game localization. I have worked on many projects, spanning all kinds of video game genres and platforms (PC, gaming consoles, mobile devices), namely*…

Hidden object games: I have been localizing hidden object games since 2012, mainly for the world's largest producer and distributor of casual games. My current word count for this genre is 1,310,000+ words. Special focus when translating these games lies on accurate item descriptions, but also on fluent storytelling and catching the tone of the stories' setting.

Puzzle games: To date, I have localized 252,000+ words for puzzle games. From simple building block puzzles to word games, games of skill, or even whole stories that contain a multitude of different kinds of puzzles, I dare say I've done them all. Being a huge fan of puzzles myself, this genre is one which I really enjoy, and getting the descriptions of the more intricate puzzles just right is a challenge that I gladly accept.

Video game strategy guides & FAQs: Not all the video game-related texts that I work on end up in the games themselves, nonetheless, strategy guides and FAQs are essential to the players' enjoyment of a video game, as nothing is more frustrating than not knowing how something works or getting stuck within the game. I can proudly claim that I have contributed 212,000+ words to materials that help players enjoy a smooth, frustration-free gaming experience.

MMORPGs: Massively multiplayer online role-playing games make up quite a large chunk of my work, mainly because I love, love, love them! ♥ I spend quite a bit of my free time playing MMORPGs, so it's no small wonder that working on them feels like not working at all because I enjoy it so much. With a current word count of 459,000+, I have contributed to titles like Wizard101, NosTale, Aura Kingdom, TERA—The Exiled Realm of Arborea, and EOS—Echo of Soul. I also do extensive proofreading for the German versions of various very content-rich Korean MMORPG titles like AION.

Trading card games: TCGs are challenging—and fun! That rings true for playing these games as well as for translating them. Consistency across all cards and card types is of the utmost importance, so when translating TCGs, I always put my extra super special detective glasses on so that I won't miss even the minutest detail. With 224,000+ words and counting, I've contributed to games like HEX—Shards of Fate and other well-loved trading card games.


Action games: I love a good action game, especially when it's so immersive that you get lost in it and start rooting for the character you are playing. My neighbors could tell you a story or two about me getting carried away while playing action games, and I carry over this enthusiasm to localizing games like the VR hit Archangel and its extension Archangel: Hellfire. (Don't get me started on mechs, robots, and exoskeletons, I can go on and on about how much I love them for hours). My current word count for action games lies at 121,000+ words, but I hope to rack up a much higher ̶b̶̶o̶̶d̶̶y̶  word count with time.

Strategy & warfare games: As someone who enjoys meticulous planning and has great attention to detail, strategy and warfare games are something I occasionally enjoy playing and always enjoy translating. I enjoy the challenge of ensuring the greatest possible consistency across the whole game so that the item and skill descriptions that are vital to these games are on point. I was the sole German translator of a 32,000 word post-apocalyptic, military real-time strategy mobile game for iOS and Android, given complete authority over the German localization and terminology, a responsibility which I gladly took on.* For this game and others within the strategy and warfare genre, I have translated 78,000+ words to date.

Sci-fi games: As a child of the 1970s, I pretty much grew up with re-runs of old Star Trek episodes and the airing of new ones. I have also read a lot of science fiction novels, so translating science fiction games is always a treat for me. I have localized 41,000+ words for games in this genre so far, but have made it my continuing mission to explore strange new gaming worlds, to seek out new words and new localizations, to boldly translate where no one has translated before.

Press & marketing material for games: With every game, there come marketing texts and texts for press releases, be it short descriptions, SEO keywords, press releases, or outright marketing blurbs for the game. I find that the best quality is achieved when the same translator who localized the game is also tasked with the translation —or, more accurately, transcreation—of the accompanying marketing and press texts. I have transcreated 42,000+ words for press and marketing purposes for gaming alone so far, and another 30,000+ words for commercial products.

Game developer blogs: Who doesn't love to take the occasional peek behind the curtain? As an avid gamer, I love reading about the developer's work process during game development, about their motivation, their trials and errors, and the pure sweat, blood, and tears they pour into each game. Translating developers' blog entries is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. I have translated 21,000+ words for game developer blogs so far.

Above, I have listed all the genres for which I have localized significant word amounts (> 20,000), but that doesn't comprise all of my translation work in the gaming sector, of course. I also have significant experience translating the following game genres: adventure, arcade, card & board, casino, horror, fantasy, survival, MOBA, RPG, shooter, social, sports, and time management. Furthermore, I translate game lore, gaming newsletters, as well as release and patch notes

*Most of the work I do is subject to NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements). I really wish I could name more titles, but I am contractually bound to silence for most of my work, and I pride myself on keeping my clients' confidential work... well, confidential.


Other sectors

Apart from translating for the video gaming industry, I also provide general translation services for the following sectors:

  • commerce & financial
  • customer support
  • education & learning
  • information technology
  • literature
  • multimedia
  • social & dating
  • tourism & travel

Feel free to send me a short excerpt of the text you wish to have translated and I will let you know if I'm the right translator for your needs!