Kit Rumpenhorst

Your English to German translation ninja.

Localization of games, apps, websites & more!

Past and ongoing projects


During my years as a localization translator, I have worked on many projects across many platforms

(PC, gaming consoles, mobile, hard copy).


Here are some examples of projects that I have worked on.

video games

Video games


HEX—Shards of Fate: I worked on the German version of the very successful online trading card game HEX for more than two years, with a total word count of 178,247 words. Special focus while translating trading card games lies in consistency as well as accuracy across all cards and card types. I have been working closely together with the client's in-house team to ensure that the overall style and consistency of the game is always spot-on.

Wizard101: Tailoring Wizard101's German content to its target audience is a different kind of challenge, as the game is geared mostly towards children (which does not stop the occasional grown-up from getting hooked, yours truly being a prime example). I have localized 146,889 words of this fun trading card MMORPG so far, and I hope to be able to contribute even more to it in the future.


Aura Kingdom: Up to date, I have localized 43,457 words for the very popular anime MMORPG Aura Kingdom. The challenge of this project lies in localizing content which will then be added to the already existing game and ensuring that the style and tone match the previously published content.


Archangel: I was the sole German translator for Archangel, an exciting virtual reality shooter in which the player pilots a giant mech and tries to save the world from an evil corporation called HMNX. The translation effectively took the form of subtitles, so I took extra care to stay as close to the original (seeing as the voice-overs are still in English) without making the translation sound unnatural or wooden. I localized 28,452 words in total for Archangel.


TERA—The Exiled Realm of Arborea: I was able to contribute 26,762 words to this epic free to play fantasy MMORPG. This is a huge game, so that getting a feel for the already existing content's tone, style, and atmosphere was essential when localizing additional content for TERA. It was a challenge I gladly took on and was able to master.


Echo of Soul: On various occasions, I was entrusted with localizing additional content for this visually entrancing fantasy MMORPG. My current word count for Echo of Soul lies at 18,809 words, but I am hoping to add more in the future, as this really is a lovely game. As with many other games that are continually developed and expanded, I had to get the tone and style just right to fit in with already existing translations.


Dropzone: For this exciting new sci-fi real-time strategy action game, I got to localize tutorial voice-overs as well as part of the game text, with a total word count of 18,412 so far. As Dropzone relies heavily on gearing up your characters, my special focus lay on finding accurate German terms for all of the items, as well as giving the game a military feel with an undertone of fun camaraderie between the characters.


One Dog Story: I was the sole translator for this lovely pixel-art side-scrolling platform action-adventure game with a retro feeling. Giving voice to the sentient canine hero as well as all the strange creatures he encounters on his journey was a real pleasure. The game consisted of 12,788 words which I localized into German.


Orcs Must Die! Unchained: I was entrusted with localizing part of the voice-overs for some of the playable characters in this high-octane PvP and PvE action game, in addition to some game text. Providing the German version of OMD!U's heroes with a voice and character was an amazingly fun challenge! I contributed 7,531 words to this fun game.


A.V.A—Alliance of Valiant Arms: One of the story missions of this long-established, fast-paced, free-to-play team first-person shooter was localized by me. As so often in my work, the challenge lay in adapting my localization to the already existing German game text, so that it fit in smoothly with its tone and style.


Other projects: As the majority of the projects I work on is subject to NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), I am not able to name game titles apart from the ones already listed (for all of which I got express permission from my clients). However, I would like to present you with a list of game types, to give you a general idea of my experience in those genres as well as their current word counts.


  • Hidden object games: I have been localizing hidden object games for the world's largest producer and distributor of casual games since 2012, with an ongoing word count of 1,334,692 words. Special focus when translating these games lies on accurate item descriptions, but also on fluent storytelling and catching the tone of the stories' setting.
  • Puzzle games: To date, I have localized a grand total of 188,157 words for puzzle games. While these are similar to hidden object games in the way their story is built, the special focus lies on translating the puzzle instructions so they are absolutely clear and instructive, as the tiniest mistake can lead to great player frustration.
  • Time management games, card & board games, strategy & warfare games, match 3 games: These game genres make for the smaller portion of my work so far, yet I am very familiar with them through playing them myself, and thus feel confident in finding the suitable tone and style for each and every one of these genres. My current total word count for these game genres is 42,523.

Mobile games & apps


OneSky: I have been working for the OneSky translation platform for apps, games & websites as a localization translator and proofreader since 2016, with a current localization word count of 28,810 words. The projects I get through OneSky often consist of as little as three words, so finding the right tone to make these words fit in with the rest of the already localized app is my main goal for these projects.

mobile apps & games

All other mobile content projects which I have worked on are confidential and subject to NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), thus I am unfortunately not able to provide you with concrete titles as examples of my work. I will, however, describe some of my projects to you in order to give you an impression of my work in this specialization.


  • Sci-fi comedy game: A very large portion of a popular, action-packed iOS adventure mobile RPG set in space was entrusted to me for localization. I was also the main proofreader and the decision-maker in regards to the glossary and style guide for this huge mobile project. My contribution consisted of 41,351 words.
  • Real-time strategy game: I was the sole German translator of a post-apocalyptic, military real-time strategy mobile game for iOS and Android, given complete authority over the German localization and terminology, a challenge and responsibility which I gladly took on. The game consisted of 36,336 words, with possible future updates pending.
  • Anime MMORPG: I localized 21,819 words for a collectible card game for iOS and Android that is still in development by a well-known German publisher of PC, browser, and mobile games.
  • Adventure game: For a popular game series available on iOS, Android, and Amazon, I contributed 6,381 words to one of the series' installments, working closely together with the developer to ensure the consistency in terminology, tone, and style for this game.
  • Anime RPG: I localized part of a conceptually and visually thrilling anime RPG available on iOS and Android. As my translation was to be embedded in the already existing translation of an in-house colleague, my focus lay especially on consistency and accuracy.



Gameforge: I have localized a grand total of 34,076 words for Gameforge's main website and their individual games' websites so far. Text forms included blog texts (HEX—Shards of Fate, Orcs Must Die! Unchained, Dropzone), game lore text (HEX—Shards of Fate, Orcs Must Die! Unchained), video game patch notes (Orcs Must Die! Unchained), marketing copies (Dropzone) and newsletters (HEX—Shards of Fate).

Green Man Gaming: WhenWhen Green Man Gaming decided to start localizing parts of their video game e-commerce website, they came to me for help. I have translated 7,003 words for this e-commerce video game vendor so far, consisting of all possible text forms that can be found on a website. I have also been helping them with any questions about localization, as well as with finding outstanding translators for other language pairs to ensure the highest quality of their product.


Other projects: I have worked on website localization for other clients as well, but cannot list them as my work was confidential and subject to NDAs (non-disclosure agreements). This work included a casino game website, a greeting card vendor's shop, a carpet company's online presence, and more.



All of the projects that I have worked on which do not fall into the above categories are subject to NDAs (non-disclosure agreements); thus, I cannot name their titles. I will, however, describe some projects to give you a general idea of the text forms that I handle apart from my three specializations.



  • Video game strategy guides: I have translated video game strategy guides for various games (among them several AA and AAA game titles), with a grand total word count of 48,001. The challenge in translating these is to provide accurate and easy to follow instructions for the player seeking help in the strategy guide, as well as in adhering to the already localized game's terminology.
  • Romantic short story: I was the sole translator of a romantic short story for a well-known German publishing house. The project consisted of 13,386 words in total. Finding the right tone to make this story sensual but not pornographic was quite a challenge.
  • Medical messenger app: I got to translate 10,120 words for a medical app in the form of a chatbot. The bot will ask the user for their symptoms and then advise them on whether they should see a doctor while also listing possible diagnoses for the symptoms described.
  • I also have experience in translating press releases, brochures, manuals, internal company communications, surveys, and customer support texts of all sorts (e-mail text modules, FAQs, how-tos, forum responses, etc.)